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Ada County Goes Live with Contract Management Solution

Having already partnered with ImageSoft to implement a Request Management Workview solution for the Civil Prosecuting Attorney, ADA County is now live with a Contract Management project. Together with the Ada County team, ImageSoft implemented a customized Contract Management framework and trained Ada County users on leveraging their new contract management tool.

Tuscola County, MI Goes Live with Probate Solution

An existing customer of ImageSoft’s Court Solution, Tuscola County, Michigan went live with a solution that enables its Probate Court to electronically process, review and hear all Probate matters. Additional integration with JIS was also implemented to allow users to update the register of actions (ROA) screen with appropriate filing information.

ImageSoft Receives Platinum and Diamond Honors from Hyland Software

It’s with many years of built-up gratitude and joy that ImageSoft receives both Platinum and Diamond honors from Hyland Software as a trusted OnBase Solution provider. For more than a decade, ImageSoft has dedicated itself to mastering and sharing OnBase’s content service solutions with global organizations, leading to more secure, streamlined operations for hundreds of community-strengthening corporations and our recognition as a platinum partner. Read More

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C is for...

C is for CJIS

And criminal justice. And compliance. Coincidence? Clearly not. Okay, we’re done being clever. After all, criminal justice information services (CJIS) is no joke. Read More

Ten year challenge for government, paper vs. tablet.

A #TenYearChallenge for Government

If you’ve scrolled through social media at all in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen friends and family, celebrities, and even some of your favorite retail and fast-food chains participate in the #TenYearChallenge. Read More

Can't get nightmares if you don't sleep.

For Insurance Companies, These 5 Truths are Self-Evident

With President’s Day coming up, we’re stealing Thomas Jefferson’s words from the Declaration of Independence about self-evident truths. The truth is, insurance companies must upgrade their systems to take advantage of technology advances to eliminate paper once and for all. Customers are looking for an “Amazon-like” experience as manual, or outdated, processes are inefficient and costly. Moreover, they shut out insurance companies from winning new business. Read More

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